One-touch wonders

Tip, tap, touch, press and swipe — we all perform these movements more than ever thanks to a majority of the latest consumer innovations requiring us to do so. And as our expectations increase, our tastes and preferences are changing at a dizzying pace with the new slew of one-touch-wonders entering our lives.

Let’s take a look at a few of the latest “mini” touch trends coming out of Korea, Brazil, the U.K., France and the U.S. As you read through the list, I invite you to apply them to your own lifestyle, property or department.

Shopper’s helper

For those feeling as though their recipe drawer is needing an update, in May 2012 a partnership between Hellmann’s and Brazilian supermarket chain St. Marche created a software program installation that offered tailored recipes for the ingredients the shopper purchases. For instance, when a shopper purchases a jar of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, the cash register recognizes the purchase and generates a custom recipe for that ingredient.


Gone are the days of heading out with only one bar of battery on your phone thanks to a collaboration between Vodafone UK and fashion designer Richard Nicoll. This revolutionary handbag gives customers the ability to power their cell phone while on the move. After the bag is charged, (via a cable that magnetically attaches to the exterior), it will carry up to two days of extra battery life. What a great holiday gift idea to thank your frequent female travelers!

Easy voter registration

Ever been stuck on a flight when suddenly you realized you forgot to register to vote? Next time you board Virgin America, passengers will be given the convenience to register to vote for the 2012 U.S. presidential election from the comfort of their seats. Non-profit Rock the Vote launched the service via Virgin’s in-flight entertainment system. Other airline-related product news is in-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo providing free access to eBay on both Delta and Virgin flights.

Simple refills

How many times have you had to run to the store because you’re out of water? The Evian Smart Drop is an innovative Wi-Fi fridge magnet in the shape of a drop of water. In 2013, Parisians will be able to order bottled water without visiting a store and being faced with carrying heavy bottles or using a computer or phone to place an order. The idea is to simplify lives by making it possible to order bottled water while in the moment of realizing you need more.

Smart shopping

SK Telecom and Smart Cart are piloting a concept in Shanghai’s Lotus Supermarkets that will assist with your next grocery store visit. The Smart Cart has a tablet that syncs with your smartphone, which knows where you are in the store. The Cart contains an app that syncs with the store’s Wi-Fi network for “real indoor positioning,” so as customers walk through the aisles, the tablet also displays deals and new-product alerts. 

Weather wake-up

Need additional commute time on bad-weather days? The Winter Wake Up app, from Belgian ad agency Boondoggle, was inspired by last winter’s severe snowy weather and the subsequent lateness of the agency’s employees. It works like a normal alarm clock, but collects weather data based on your current location and wakes you earlier than usual if it has unexpectedly snowed or reached freezing temperatures overnight. The idea is that you have enough time in the morning to dig out your driveway, de-ice your car and still leave for work on time. 

As you digest these one-touch wonders, I invite you to get your colleagues together to brainstorm a few of your own tip, tap, touch, press or swipe creations. And as always, feel free to share your ideas!