Old-fashioned service can seem so modern

It is our belief that in our modern and digital age effective service is more important than ever and across all sectors and segments. This is particularly true for products and services that by their very nature are a limited-service offering or untraditional in their content. Within these products there are often several touchpoints where service can be a real focus, and that focus can often be the key to customer delight and loyalty.

As regular business and leisure travelers, we are often subjected to delays, inconveniences and lame, inappropriate or invalid excuses. In the travel industry in particular, it appears rarely to be the direct suppliers’ responsibility, and they are often prone to blaming everyone else. The hotel business is by no means exempt.

All of these types of circumstances are what recently led us to being delighted with the service we received on a short one-hour flight.

During a recent British Airways flight between Edinburgh and London most things began to be an issue, including lateness due to congestion and the final straw being not having a gate and then no disembarking equipment. This had all the ingredients of a potential bad memory.

During the entire episode the highly professional captain kept us truthfully informed, had a highly polished and sincere tone and actually took personal responsibility for what was happening and, more importantly, for fixing the situation in an extremely convincing manner. We began to trust, respect and admire this man.

The final touch of sheer professionalism was that as the passengers were leaving the aircraft the immaculate captain stood at the entrance, saluted his passengers and personally apologized. A less-than-perfect flight was transformed into a first-class memory and positive feelings towards the brand.

At the end of the day the experience was characterized by truthfulness, honesty, an acceptance of responsibility, great communications, openness, confidence, a personal approach and a team player who was immaculate in his personal presentation.

Well done, Skip! We think you defined what legendary service is and how to deliver it.