Now this is a disruptor

The term “disruptor” has been bandied about quite a bit over the past year, associated with the likes of Airbnb, hostel brands and, of course, OTAs, TripAdvisor, Google and a variety of other intermediaries and metamediaries.

The collective industry seems to scoff when it considers the likes of Airbnb as a disruptor, and I have to agree. But the buzzword came to my mind recently after seeing two campaigns launched by what I consider a true industry disruptor, CitizenM – the European-based, limited-service lifestyle brand that is getting tons of attention and most recently attracted new developers in Asia and elsewhere.

CitizenM just opened in New York City, and to give the launch an irreverent boost, it posted a YouTube video with a surprise ending. Then, it had the audacity to post to its Facebook page an image of a limousine in front of the Trump International Hotel in New York with a very amusing message written on the side of the car.

Both of these messages were so cleverly crafted and most certainly cut through the media clutter. I won’t even mention the fact that CitizenM is relatively inexpensive to develop and from what I understand delivers great ROI. A disruptor, indeed.