Not-so-small ‘stuff’

Not-so-small ?stuff?

Have you ever noticed how convenience sometimes takes over in nice restaurants and hotels? Particularly in spaces that have been around for a while, “stuff” seems to accumulate over time. As we order more supplies, change flatware, bulk up on glassware, add computers … you name it, the original design may no longer perfectly accommodate every item it was initially intended for. Oftentimes, especially during slower meal periods, we tend to overlook what has accumulated after a rush or clutter in preparation for the next rush. Here are two pictures I took in different hotels that illustrate this point:  

The first is no doubt a result of expediency and the other is fundamentally taking advantage of every inch of space to be ready for the rush. 

What servers and mangers tend to forget is that guests sit for an hour or two in your restaurant, all the while surveying the room. Every little detail may not be scrutinized, but it usually doesn’t go unnoticed. The guest’s vantage point is very important and factors heavily into their overall experience. Even when service is impeccable, there are certain small details that can leave a bad taste in a guest’s mouth. 

Be sure that the service of your establishment works from a convenience and functionality standpoint, and just as important, from a guest’s visual perspective.