NOI: What’s your excuse?

NOI Whats your excuse?

I was talking recently to a friend and business owner. As usual, we were discussing business levels, challenges to growing our business and how to make “More Money” (a.k.a. NOI) in general. As the discussion moved from minutes to hours, I found we ended up discussing all the reasons we were not making More Money.

Today, in the cold light of day, I look back on those hours and wonder why I allowed myself the luxury of being “a victim.” I suppose I could say it makes me feel good by having a very sound and rational reason why I didn’t accomplish my goal. I suppose I could say using excuses as a way of rationalizing my poor performance is just human. Or, it was just a weak moment.

What am I doing or not doing that’s causing me to not get More Money? I realized I need to hold myself accountable for my own performance and accept no excuses.

The reality is, I cannot afford myself the luxury of poor performance. The only way I can be more successful in this or any other business is to hold myself accountable for accomplishing the goals I have set. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

When was the last time you made an excuse for not accomplishing your goal?

I urge you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What am I doing or not doing that prevents me from getting More Money?” 

Tell me what you are going to do, and tell me how it turns out. I’ll swap my story for yours.

Let’s go make some money!