No reason to look elsewhere

Weeks ago we finished a VIP client event at a wine venue in New York City’s Tribeca area. This was the third consecutive year we selected this location because each year the staff and owner consistently create an exceptional experience for us and for our customers. With each opportunity, their team delivers and raises the bar internally to challenge themselves. As a group, we typically like to alter locations and change restaurants just to expose our guests to new places. However, each year during the planning process, we unanimously decide there is no reason to consider any other place.

Customer loyalty will only go so far when you make mistakes. Forgiveness may be offered one or two times, but after several mishaps, your clients may begin to look elsewhere. 

Alternatively, your customers may consider staying with you if their problems are handled quickly, sincerely and effectively. Treat them with kindness and show them appreciation, and you’ll retain their loyalty for a lifetime! The same approach will work with personal relationships also. Don’t give them a reason to look elsewhere for friendship, companionship or love. 

Are you consistently delivering for your customers? When you don’t (as we are all human), how are you handling the mistakes? Are you creating a situation in which you give your clients no reason to look elsewhere?