New face of fine dining

Oh, to dress up and go out for dinner! Or is that not on trend? Who bets it will bounce back? Classic never goes out of style — trends do.

White tablecloths, waiters in suits, silver cutlery, stunning presentations — these are all the images that come to mind when thinking about fine dining, that concept of food which offers the best in terms of product, service and atmosphere. Fine-dining restaurants focus on providing customers with a unique experience. There is generally a researched décor, which in most cases features high-quality materials and furniture, and ambience that comes to be one of the core elements that will build the guest’s experience. Service delivery is also one of the main parts of fine-dining restaurants, and staff is usually highly trained to involve the guest in the experience.

And then comes the food. The food is obviously the top reason someone decides to eat in a fine-dining restaurant — food whose quality derives from the expertise and creativity of chefs that have been awarded the best accolades and recognitions.

Fine dining has always been characterized by a posh and fashionable atmosphere with an aura of formality. But in recent years, the concept of fine dining has been totally reinventing itself. This is strongly perceivable in a city like London, where the greatest chefs are constantly reevaluating their efforts to stay at the top of the game. Fine-dining restaurants as formal and sometimes boring places are now giving way to a more casual style of dining following the demand of customers looking for more relaxed hubs yet still seeking good food. Many top chefs are responding to this increasing demand, which doesn’t mean downgrading the quality of the food served, but simply revisiting the whole concept towards a casual style where the key words are quicker and, yes, cheaper.

High-level food doesn’t have to stick to the traditional rules of fine dining. Customers want something accessible, and they want to enjoy the moment of dining. Guests allow our business to run and grow, so our business needs to follow the new trends to be able to respond to needs and wants. Be ready to be flexible and change your direction if that means satisfying your customers. This is the only way to remain successful. Or is it?