Need your ‘nice’ advice

Need your ?nice? advice

Have you ever watched HGTV shows featuring first-time homebuyers? I have become disgusted with their lack of creativity in showing enthusiasm toward certain homes. Back in my college days, we would’ve come up with an adult beverage drinking game to sip a beer every time a newlywed couple said “nice” to describe any portion of their potential investment. The appliances are “nice,” the closets are “nice” and the backyard is “nice.”

I am currently in the middle of a tour of Florida hotels, and I hate to admit that I have run out of words to describe my enthusiasm toward these properties.

My fallback descriptors have been “amazing,” “stunning” and “beautiful.” I have three more hotels to tour over the next four days and need your “nice advice.” What powerful, impactful words have you been able to use when visually describing (and selling) your hotel? I hope the photo above will provide some inspiration for your suggestions. I truly need your assistance so please post a comment with some words that you would suggest I use. Thank you.