NASCAR driver’s greatest fear?

If you were a professional race-car driver and regularly had to navigate the oval track at speeds upwards of 200 mph (322 km/h), what would your greatest fear be?

My first answer would be fear of crashing and getting seriously injured. ESPN interviewed other drivers in response to Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s decision (based on his doctor’s recommendation) to sit out two races due to recent concussions. Each competitor mentioned the same thing — that not being in the race car is a driver’s greatest fear. Perhaps it is fear of losing traction and momentum (this injury stopped his streak of 461 consecutive starts), fear of losing the spot in the sponsored car (and essentially his job) or fear of not doing what you love.

Years ago I met a saleswoman who was so worried about losing her job she neglected to do her job. The fear created paralysis wherein she second-guessed each and every decision. Have confidence in your ability, your product and your efforts. Make the extra phone call to ensure your success.

What is your greatest fear in your current position? Is it not being able to sell? Not having the freedom to make decisions? Not making your goal and losing your job?

Most importantly, what are you doing to overcome this challenge?