My new BFF is a robotic schlepper!

Say hello to Gita, (pronounced jee-ta, or “trip” in Italian), as she may become your next BFF if not the perfect companion. She’s definitely quick on her feet (moving at human speeds up to 22 mph), and kind of cute to boot!

In the real world, Gita is a two-wheeled, roundish robot “cargo carrier” developed by the amazing minds at Piaggio Fast Forward, a Boston-based startup under the umbrella of Italian based Piaggio Group, best known for its Vespa scooter company. 

Gita was designed to haul up to 40 pounds of cargo while following a human operator who wears a white belt with sensors so Gita can move autonomously through a mapped area. 

Chargeable with a lithium-ion battery through a regular outlet, Gita’s human companion simply unlocks the top lid and places anything from food and beverage to laundry inside. Once Gita has traveled through an environment, she is able to refer back to that specific map and take the same journey autonomously the next time, due to an ultrasonic range-finding system that allows her to see and avoid obstacles in her way.

Gita is expected to go into production in 2018, and word in the industry is that hotels and resorts are keeping an eye on her progress, especially since she’s customizable. Rumor also has it that Gita may have a sibling bot sooner than later: Her parents are working on a new addition that can haul approximately 250 pounds.

With hospitality being robot-friendly, I am certain we’ll be hearing more about Gita and family in the future!

Gita with her future sibling
Gita with her future sibling