My (first) “I made it” moment

My (first) ?I made it? moment

This past week was particularly exciting for me due to the International Hotel, Motel, & Restaurant show. What made it so significant to me was that I had the chance to be on the other side of the educational experience. I was the one giving the property tours, providing the insight, and I was the one being hounded about internship, CMT and career opportunities — instead of the other way around. I have to say it felt pretty good. I can’t believe it was only a year ago that I was in their shoes!

The best part of the week was meeting up with students from my alma mater, East Carolina University. It was great to see my old professor and some of my old classmates in this type of setting. I felt proud to show of my property and introduce my fellow colleagues to them. I was recently promoted out of my training program to “assistant front office manager,” which felt great to finally introduce myself as such. I was able to give them a tour of the property and even got them all a free meal at New York Central, our new restaurant, before it even opened.

Another highlight was getting to see my college recruiting manager, Brook, who gave me the opportunity to prove myself over 2 years ago as an intern and pave the way to my current position. At one point Brook and I were counting people she hired and I believe we counted about eight people she has hired at this property alone. It really goes to show how dedicated our college recruiting team is. We spent Sunday night grabbing dinner at New York Central with a couple former CMTs (current managers) and some other colleagues chatting and enjoying the atmosphere and the company. 

It was fun to finally hang out on a non-recruiter to recruitee basis. We were friends and colleagues, which felt so fulfilling. It reminded me of why I love this industry so much. The majority of the people you meet are fun loving, energized and outgoing.

The most significant aspect of this weekend was having my first “I made it” moment (one of many I hope). I had it when I was giving my tour and I saw how interested and anxious the students were to see how I had come to get my job and what it entails. I kept getting the question, “How do I get here?” It reiterated my sense of gratification for my job. The fact that people want my position makes me want to work even harder. When did you have your first “I made it” moment?