My dry cleaner wears wrinkled shirts

Do you “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”? When I went to pick up my dry cleaning the other day, I took special notice of the fact that the owner of the facility always dresses impeccably and looks neatly pressed. It is actually what I would have expected, and one of the reasons I give them my business. They built trust by their appearance and their actions.

How would you feel if when you went to pick up your clothes, you were greeted by a wrinkled mess?

What if your dentist had crooked teeth and your dermatologist had blemishes? How would you react if your entomologists stepped on a bug while providing a tour of the bugs section of the zoo?  

In the service industry, do you personally provide outstanding service at all times? I hear stories of colleagues that open doors for others anywhere they go. Others pick up trash in the lobbies of hotels that are not their own. This blog is a tribute to you as a service professional and the ways you make this world a better place. 

How has being in the service industry affected your life outside of your place of employment? I’m anxious to hear your comments.