Muy fantastico

In our upcoming book Holly Stiel and I relate seven principles that, if followed, will absolutely, positively change the course of your business in every metric that matters to you. We commit to these results because we have produced them time and time again. 

Last week I walked into a living, breathing example of our first principle, “Cause Happiness,” at the Hilton Cabo San Lucas. Here’s what outstanding service sounds like:

Me (on the beach): I’d love some ceviche, please, but we only have 20 minutes. Is that doable?

Ivan: Of course! I’m on way! (Cut to Ivan sprinting across the sand to the kitchen.)

When Ivan returned eight minutes later, it came up in conversation that I was a general manager for Hilton at one time, and his GM Tim and I were close friends.

Ivan: Oh, isn’t he a great man? So humble. It wasn’t bad here before, but now that he is here … WOW!

Me: What made the difference, Ivan? 

Ivan: For one thing, he doesn’t sit in his office. He interacts with everyone.

Tim Booth’s leadership powerfully shifted what was good to what is outstanding. As a colleague, I always admired him for his commitment and style, but here in paradise, he excelled. It was obvious when he told me, “Nance, when I got here, I knew I wasn’t going to teach them about service. They were going to teach me.”

Here’s the clincher. You don’t really get mere transactional service here. You experience the joy of service, giving it and getting it — the ultimate promise of service. Staff everywhere was engaged. Training was in the background. People who beamed at you at every turn were in the foreground. I understand many of these employees’ homes are without water or electricity, but the generosity of their indomitable spirit was in the air.

Yes, the resort is lovely, beautifully situated, et al., but nothing trumps joyful interactions. Nada.