Multifunctional bed

Recently I read in an article about the “ergonomic bed” or “lounge bed”, which has been introduced by Virgin hotels. I rather would call it multifunctional bed. The bed features a backrest at one corner for guests to read, work on their mobile devices and much more.

Virgin Hotels' lounge bed
Virgin Hotels’ lounge bed

With guestrooms becoming smaller with more sophisticated design this becomes an interesting feature. Many brands and independent hotels of the boutique sector provide larger beds. This needs space. The room should also be equipped with a piece of furniture to relax, read, watch TV, check your emails on your mobile device and so on. Usually this is an armchair, a chaise lounge or similar.

All these pieces of furniture need space. I have seen many guestrooms packed with furniture, and it gets sometimes hard to move around. Such a multifunctional bed is a solution to look at.

At the end of this blog I also do not want to withhold a photo of Richard Branson demonstrating the use of the bed.