Most people don’t; some of you did

Most people don’t; some of you did

My blog last week invited readers to send me a LinkedIn invitation to connect. Thank you to the many readers who connected with me, and congratulations on being classified as a “PTD: Person That Does”!

Two weeks ago I presented to more than 350 college students and also invited them to connect with me. The message to the students was simply “MPD: Most People Don’t,” and I was curious to see the impact my advice had on them. In total, I received messages from about 50 students, three sent me their resumes and the majority sent a note along with the invite to connect. What happened to the other 300 students who chose to do nothing? 

I had the chance to speak with an older industry friend that still refuses to use technology to network. He argues, “This is not how we did business when I was coming up in the hotel world. What happened when people would sit down and talk to each other over lunch?” I responded that today’s workforce still meets face to face (thank goodness for our business), but technology allows us to communicate with more people more quickly. There is no way that I would have the chance to have met many of my 1,800-plus contacts in person. I am thankful for technology, as it allows many of us to learn so much about each other. By using LinkedIn and Twitter, I have corresponded with hundreds of people all over the world.

He then mentioned that someone told him about a 1-year-old baby who can use an iPad, but gets confused when trying to navigate the pages of a magazine. 

I had mixed emotions after watching the video and was curious about your thoughts. Is technology not allowing certain skills to be developed that are necessary in today’s society? 

Please share your ideas for me and others to enjoy by posting a comment.