This past weekend I had the pleasure of watching my son and his volleyball team participate in a tournament in York, Pennsylvania. The competition for the 15-year-old boys group was fierce, and one team even had a 6’6” player that could jump “out of the building.” Things have changed since my Penn State Division I playing days 28 years ago (yikes) as some of these kids (including my son) have more talent now than I did at age 20.

As I watched the final match in the silver division, I noticed that when one team scored at least three key points, the momentum shifted totally to that team. The body language of the opposing team changed. They did not encourage one another. Their faces looked sad, and they held their heads down. Their movements were slower and not enthusiastic.

What if this losing team could have just disregarded the “momentum” of the other team? Could they act as though nothing had happened and disregard the loss of points? Would they rebound quickly, speed up their approach and improve their attitude?

Is it possible to “shake off” anything negative in business and in life? If you have a bad revenue month, can you turn things around just by attitude and determining a different way to handle the situation? A famous quote goes, “It is not what happens to you that matters, but how you choose to react to it that is important.”

MPD: Combat negativity with a “shake it off” positive attitude.