Mixing business and pleasure via beer

The newly renovated Executive Lounge at DoubleTree by Hilton Dublin – Burlington Road has many of the features business travelers generally expect — the leather chairs, the dark wood and space to work or relax. But there is also something they probably weren’t anticipating: a “pour your own Guinness tap.”

The tap, which is not behind the bar but instead available to guests at their leisure, is accompanied by a video demonstration that teaches guests the six steps to pouring a perfect pint.

“Typically Executive Lounges can be a bit stuffy, and we wanted to provide the modern-day business traveler with a more relaxed environment to unwind,” says General Manager David Monks, who also serves as the hotel’s in-house Guinness expert. “The introduction of the ‘pour your own Guinness’ initiative has brought an element of excitement to the Executive Lounge while also celebrating Guinness as an iconic Dublin brand.”

Since the space opened a couple months ago, Monks says there have been more than 200 attempts at pulling a pint, and a few guests have even mastered a shamrock foam design on top.

As hotels everywhere constantly look for new ways to differentiate their offerings, this initiative seems like it is worth a toast — with a perfect pint, of course.