Message to buyers: It’s busy again!

Message to buyers: It’s busy again!

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending a client luncheon for about 50 top customers. The ballroom was set in a floral theme, and the fresh flowers on the table reminded us all that spring was certainly around the corner. The relationships provided the warmth inside that the weather did not offer outside (with snow flurries). A very loyal customer approached me and told me she was looking to book a program for this year and could not find any dates during a three-week window for southern Florida. Another client told me that she was ready to sign a three-year contract, as she was concerned about availability.

The great news for suppliers is that business is back. 

The great news for buyers is that business is back.  

The bad (realistic) news for meeting planners is that there is far less availability.   

While many meeting-planning departments continue to do more with less (less people, less budget, less resources), it is up to us as hoteliers to be able to encourage our customers to be flexible and help them achieve their goals. What can we do to help our clients as demand grows? Please post your ideas!