Meeting the new Moxy, part I

For educators, like hoteliers, it is important to keep current on trends and new hospitality brands entering the marketplace. The ever-evolving landscape of hotel brands is the context for which we must prepare our students. As the future of the profession, they too are looking at what type of brand environment they wish to choose as their employers.

When the opportunity arises to experience a new brand, it is my quest and thrill to do so. Such was the case with my recent stay at the first ever Moxy at Milan’s Malpensa airport. This first example of Moxy, Marriott’s new Millennial-focused brand, is located nearly on the runway of EasyJet, the popular low-cost airline based in England.

The adaptation to the Italian location was classic. The central bar with coffees, wines and snacks makes sense operationally from a select-service standpoint and also is culturally appropriate to the country. Being checked in by a manager, Luciano (pictured), who has been there since the opening, was unexpected, authentic, warm and as efficient as any check-in I have ever experienced at a hotel. In addition, Luciano asked if we were Marriott Rewards members and was as upbeat as you might expect given the connotation of the hotel’s name. Don’t let the T-shirt and tattoos fool you — this hotelier was professional and lighthearted at the same time. In fact, all the staff that evening and day were never so consumed with a task to not be fully engaged with helping guests. I’ve experienced 5-star service that wasn’t as welcoming as these young Marriott employees offered.

Kudos to the Moxy Milan Malpensa — keep holding up the vibe and standard for the newest Marriott brand. The U.S. will be welcoming these Marriott Moxy colleagues soon. And as was written in the elevator mirror when we arrived, I’d like to say to the Luciano and his co-workers, “Wow. You are beautiful. Smile.” Isn’t that a lovely way to be greeted?