Meet the new brand ambassador

Coca-Cola’s chief of marketing, Joe Tripodi, hit the bullseye on brand awareness, stating, “Awareness of your brand is fine, but ADVOCACY will take your business to the next level!” That’s an epic statement, especially when the pulse behind his statement requires something that isn’t as prominent as it once was — the art of conversation and the benefit of branding, if it’s done.

One of the trendiest new workplace roles, the SMBA (Social Media Brand Ambassador), has taken the suit and tie out of the previous corporate or brand spokesperson role. Choice Hotels got it right with calling for “digital dynamos, social butterflies and travel enthusiasts” to hit social media.

Choice’s search to hire this newly created position, referred to as the “Ultimate People Person,” will send a lucky individual across the United States this summer with the opportunity of putting his or her gift of gab and passion for people by engaging others and then sharing the experience (yes, conversing has become an experience) on the Choice Hotels blog and social media platforms. The Trend Whisperer hears the competition is fierce, as Choice is banking on the role to bring life to its long-standing mission of bringing people together and establishing meaningful in-person connections.

The best part of what used to be known as a brand ambassador role resume submission?  The option to submit a video (for extra consideration credit) that showcases your character and passion for the position. And if the initial assessors at Choice feel you have what it takes (including 21-plus years of experience in “awesomeness” and dealing with people and all their quirks, a Degree in Curiosity, the ability to live and breathe social media and have a love for all things hotel-related), the follow-up interviews will be virtual — but of course!

We may be a society that has lost the fine art of verbal engagement with the takeover of shorter-is-better posts and symbols, but I have a strong sense if Choice Hotels puts the right person into the Ultimate People Person role, the company will not only hit a home run for its own goals, but also will open the door to the value of emotional engagement, inspiring others to go down the same path of adoption of SMBAs. The potential and timing of the summer months are ideal to stimulate the art and benefit of conversing about any brand.

Are you an advocate of rebirthing the engagement of random conversations summarized in social media posts to spearhead your brand? And what are you doing to “people-size” the anatomy of your brand?