Managing the messaging of ‘We’re busy’

Managing the messaging of ?We’re busy?

There are multiple ways of saying the same thing. 

As occupancy levels and rates rise with the increased confidence in the economy, it becomes critically more important to manage the message of being busy. It’s all in the delivery.

Sales people need to be careful to still be sincerely appreciative of any business opportunities. While each lead may not be the perfect fit, it is up to the creativity and ingenuity of the sales professional to provide options and solutions. 

Rates need to increase for various reasons — to pay increasing utility bills and other higher costs for operations, to meet ownership commitments on investments, to renovate and improve physical product, to enhance service levels and offerings, and to allow for organizational expansion and development. Sales professionals can’t offer emotional reasons for why a loyal, repeat customer is being asked to pay 20% more than in previous years. They need to professionally show the rationale, possibly with data, to convince the client that while their business is tremendously appreciated, there are rate increases that are required. Perhaps solutions are offered, such as a different set of dates or a new pattern, that would allow for a lower increase. Maybe the client can provide additional food and beverage that would create additional revenue for the hotel and allow for a win/win scenario for both parties.

Any message can be delivered with care and tact. Even the traditional “no vacancy” signs have the option to include “sorry” in the beginning. Perhaps even more sensitive placards can be created in the future that state, “While we really appreciate your interest in staying with us, we unfortunately don’t have rooms for tonight. We would be happy to accommodate you for tomorrow evening, or we have another hotel that we can recommend tonight.” Too long for a sign?