Earlier this week my family and I received a tour of Paramount Studios from our cousin who now works as an executive for Technicolor. As evening came, and most of the “talent” left the lot, he took us on a golf-cart ride around the area. We passed facades that looked like storefronts in New York and drove by streets that could represent any Main Street USA address. If you peered behind the beautiful exterior, the insides were empty shells filled with old boxes, lights and props.

Have you ever had a bad day at work and everyone you had contact with knew about your mood? While it is human to have off days, your sadness is not the customer’s fault, nor should they be punished as a result. Maintain your positive exterior despite your internal feelings.

Make-believe your customer is the most important person to you at every moment.

Make-believe you can move heaven and earth to satisfy their needs.

Make-believe you can have a positive influence on others so your true mood will also turn around.