Those of us in the tourism industry love trends, especially when we can name them something fun. From mancations to babymoons, they are opportunities to feature your products and experiences and to target your guests in an engaging way.  

One new trend is being coined as “luxploration” – the idea that travelers relish thrilling adventures but don’t want them to be too hard-core. They are on vacation, after all, so a bit of pampering is good.

This trend increasingly speaks to personalization and customization – the level of adventure can be adapted to the guest’s interest, skill level or even “roughing-it quotient,” as long as there is a comfortable oasis at the end of the journey, preferably with a relaxing spa or culinary delights as well.

From a hotel perspective, it’s another way to provide a sense of place, a characteristic many travelers are seeking out, or an experience that is a little more curated. Here on Lanai, we’ve created some great new tours in a Polaris RZR or Ranger where guests go out in very sleek and comfy off-road vehicles and tour parts of the island that have been recently cleared of invasive forest but never seen before, and learn about the history and culture of the island.  

Not every trend will be a fit for your hotel. The key is to identify those that underscore your brand values and personality so the experiences are truly authentic and ultimately appreciated by guests. Time to get out there and check those lists.