Lost worlds

Whilst recently chatting to our academic friends and colleagues at the University of Plymouth, we entered a discussion about all our concerns regarding how in today’s world it sometimes appeared that basic fundamentals were forgotten. The general consensus was that this was not necessarily deliberate, but brought about by circumstances. Examples were as simple as not smiling because of pressures, basic courtesy being left out because of deadlines and a lack of hospitality with an ever mounting need to complete technical tasks. Our colleagues said these issues, without passing judgment, are now referred to as lost qualities. We thought the title was an apt one and at some point worthy of note and review.

Our real concern was that these lost qualities needed further examination and categorizing. Clearly some would be more relevant than others, some perhaps of no concern, but others may be fundamental to the demands of specific markets. Of even greater concern would be if the relevant ones became so ignored that they no longer were featured in the everyday styles of hospitality people. Our top three were a lack of taking immediate responsibility to have a quality of care for your customer, slow take-up of a bias to action and a switch in priority from customer delight to a transactional result.

We feel it is essential to take stock of these lost qualities before we find ourselves in a lost world.

Do you have any concerns over lost qualities?