Location, location and enthusiasm

Location, location and enthusiasm

Not every hotel is fortunate enough to have the best location in each destination. For those that do have the perfect address, this is a subtle reminder to not rely solely on your location.  

Recently I was driving home from Manhattan and had timed my departure improperly, as I attempted to enter the Holland Tunnel at 4 p.m. While my entire journey to Washington, D.C., only took 4.5 hours, I spent almost an hour of that waiting in traffic 50 yards from the entrance to the tunnel. During this extra time, I was able to take in my surroundings and try to enjoy my last few moments of the city. To my right, I caught a glimpse of a very creative pretzel vendor who displayed this sign:?

Here was a gentleman who obviously had the attention of hundreds of cars stopped for minutes at a time before the tunnel entrance, and he was ambitious enough to propose the additional service to offer delivery to the cars steps away! 

If you do have the perfect beachfront location or the most attractive center city address, is this enough? While you may be selling location, how are your competitors selling against you? “They have a great location, but the service is sub-par.” Please share your ideas on how you’ve capitalized on your location or compensated for lack of location.