Let there be light

I always rank the guestroom as one of the most challenging spaces to design when it comes to hospitality interiors. The level of thought that is put into this space of limited square footage can never be perfect enough.

It is really one of those areas where, no matter how much detail we put into the mockup room, we can always see room for improvement.

Through partnering with so many top-tier lighting designers from all over the world, we have worked together to create some very dramatic scenes for restaurants and lobbies, areas that are a standout feature of the hotel and create lasting memories for guests.

When it comes to room interiors, we always make sure there is sufficient lighting for reading, working, the WC and for grooming.

But there is one thing so important, a vital detail so often overlooked, that even I can sometimes fall victim to it — YES, I am talking about lighting for the luggage rack!

Of course, this may not be the most beautiful object to be highlighted in a room, but I am surprised how often we actually forget to provide sufficient lighting for this area.

As a result of this shortcoming, I often just keep most of my things within the suitcase and place it on the floor or in front of the window where I can have better light. Trying to find my pocket square or a pair of socks from an underlit luggage rack is an annoying experience to say the least.

Does anyone else have this same experience? I am interested to know how many of our readers actually use the luggage rack. Please share your comments.