Lessons from the presidential debate: What not to do

When you were growing up, did anyone ever teach you how to treat others? In your professional career, did a mentor or boss ever suggest how to treat the competition, or even how to refer to them?

As I was starting my career, I was taught that I should never talk badly about the competition. I should prove the value and worth of my own product by speaking positively about my services only, and allow the customer to judge the potential negatives of the competitor on their own. This would elevate my position and allow me to take the “higher ground,” especially if my competition spoke negatively toward me and others.

If only this lesson had been taught to Governor Mitt Romney and President Barrack Obama during the recent presidential debates. I was embarrassed to watch the attacks and negativity. What would have happened if one of them chose to not speak negatively of the other? Would the best person still win?

This is my first posting in five years that even dared to dabble in the world of a political situation, but I felt there were too many lessons to learn to not speak of it. As I know there are many opinions out there, I am curious to hear your thoughts — not necessarily about who you endorse for the presidency, but rather on the candidates’ actions toward each other.