Lessons from Louis (C.K.)

Have you ever received e-mail communication from a company that you don’t remember signing up for? You are actually relieved when the “spam” actually contains an “unsubscribe” option.  When you try to remove yourself from the messaging, you are then prompted to answer six more questions before you leave.  Finally, just when you think you’re inbox will be clean, they send you another message confirming your request with another inquiry about your confidence in selecting the “opt out” option.

This morning, I heard a radio interview with the comedian Louis C.K. He talked about his show tour years ago in which he sold out every ticket without spamming to those people that didn’t care to receive his information. He instead targeted his e-mail list of fans that had to intentionally opt in to receive any communication from him. In fact, the option to receive information was intentionally set to “not interested,” so his fans would need to put forth an effort to click the “yes” button.

The result is that his entire set of tour dates sold out in about one week.

What are you doing to ensure that the messaging that you wish to deliver is only sent to those actually wanting to receive it? Is this a far fetched dream that only the best marketing team could concur?

MPD:  Message content that is appropriate, interesting, and desired.