Lessons from Broadway

Lessons from Broadway

Last week I had the opportunity to see Green Day’s “American Idiot” on Broadway. Originally, I was not a huge fan of Green Day … until I saw the performance.

While most people last Wednesday night at the St. James Theatre were watching the show and enjoying the performance, I was thinking about how to increase selling intensity. The cast had been performing the exact same show since April 2010 for a total of 326 performances and 26 previews. Almost 400,000 people have seen the musical and paid about $77 per ticket.

When I saw the show, it lacked nothing in energy and enthusiasm. How can a cast go out and perform with this same intensity day in and day out, with the same repetition of events and songs? Even a critic with the New York Times, Charles Isherwood, called the show “a pulsating portrait of wasted youth that invokes all the standard genre conventions … only to transcend them through the power of its music and the artistry of its execution. The show is as invigorating and ultimately as moving as anything I’ve seen on Broadway this season. Or maybe for a few seasons past.”

How can you motivate your hotel salespeople to arrive to work today with the same enthusiasm and dedication that they showed on day one on the job? I believe part of the answer lies in selecting the right people. How can you test those candidates that describe themselves as being self-motivated on their resume before hiring them? My current team of colleagues is incredibly motivated and not because someone is watching them ? it is an internal drive that cannot be stopped. Please share any examples of “sales intensity” that you’ve experienced from people that you’ve hired.