Leave cookie cutter proposals in the kitchen

Leave cookie cutter proposals in the kitchen

Recently I was able to conduct a “Think Tank” with some of the top meeting planning organizations in Canada. The most notable point was their desire for suppliers to bring back creativity to the proposal process. 



Below is a summary of the discussion:


* Understand the needs of the client and the end user and tailor your responses accordingly. Ask questions and seek to understand.

* Consider “value add” items to show differentiation; it is not always about room rates.

* Sell your property along with the destination, and offer sample itineraries for off site activities.

While we are experts about our own hotels, we need to be able to provide solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We need to help them look good to their bosses and to their attendees.

A customer should not have to search your hotel’s website to identify additional meeting space that might fit their needs. We need to offer suggestions and anticipate their needs even before they arise.

A few years ago, I heard about a destination that presented their proposal to a military surgeons group from hoteliers dressed in MASH (from the TV show) costumes.

Please share. What you have done to insert creativity into the proposal process?