Learning to relax on Saturdays

Learning to relax on Saturdays

A neighbor of mine that is in a leadership role with an airline catering company shared with me a recent “best practice” for leading a team. Years ago, his job required him to travel every day and often across international time zones. He found that he was working around the clock out of boredom of being on the road and sent out messages to his direct reports almost 24 hours a day.  


He heard rumblings of his team members being upset that they felt he expected them to respond to his e-mail requests instantly whenever he sent them. Instead of having his employees react to his style, he altered his approach and became more mindful of when he was sending out messages.

A best practice he incorporated was to work “offline” and then gradually send messages when everyone returned to work midweek. Since then, his team has become much more responsive and is now able to relax on Saturdays.