Leadership doesn’t have to be difficult

How is your boss? Do you like them? Do you respect them? Recently, I read an article that described the differences between a “boss” and a “leader.” Which one do you have, and why?

I have been very fortunate in my career to work with leaders who are strategic yet tactically supportive, strict but fair, empathetic but not emotional, confident yet not egotistical, and communicative while still being great listeners.

A few friends in the industry still complain about the boss who wants it done “his way” and neglects to involve people in any decisions. 

Does leadership really have to be that difficult? Why can’t every boss listen to their employees, understand what their needs are, offer suggestions, admit when they don’t know an answer and simply be supportive? One doesn’t need to evoke fear and tears to be an effective boss.

Please share some thoughts on the best leader that you ever had, and what made them so amazing.