Keepin’ up with the changes

While my 20-year-old daughter may be used to mobile apps and technology, others in my generation are still getting used to them. I was always used to calling a resort to make my reservations, but as millennials and luxury travelers continue to impact the market, it is increasingly important to me to advise my resorts and others to keep up with the changes in mobile technology. 

Recently I read an article on regarding resolutions for hotels to adopt in 2014, one of them being more mobile check-ins. While some hotels and resorts have already picked up on this trend, I think more luxury properties need to catch up. Guests are already used to checking in for flights via mobile apps; therefore, mobile hotel check-in is just the final step in a guest’s journey.

On a recent trip to Florence to visit my oldest daughter during her semester abroad, I was brought to a realization of how important mobile technology is to both her generation and travelers in general. Traditional travel “tools” — from guidebooks to paper maps — go out the window, and Google Maps and TripAdvisor become the primary sources. Since my daughter “lived” in Florence, she needed to show us where to shop and eat, and this was all found though apps on her iPhone.

It is becoming more evident that reservations for hotels, restaurants and transportation through mobile technology will only increase as years go on, and it is important for hoteliers to keep on top of the growing trend.