Keep a ‘hurray’ file

How amazing are you?  Do you even remember all the GREAT things you accomplished in 2017? 

What if you kept a personal email file called something spectacular like “Why <Insert your name> is remarkable.” In this “why Emily is remarkable” file, she puts all of her top wins throughout the year. Any time she is recognized for work going above and beyond gets filed and is easily kept safe in this location. When the next promotion opportunity arises, she simply needs to access this one folder to begin quantifying and calculating “why she deserves to be considered for the next job.”

I had the pleasure of talking to a few friends from Pennsylvania recently and many of them had challenges talking positively about themselves. Perhaps it was being taught as a child to always be humble and not to be braggadocios. With my upbringing in Pittsburgh, it was instilled that “if someone doesn’t notice you, you weren’t meant to be seen.” 

Is it boastful to keep track and share your personal accomplishments with others? Have you seen it done in a manner that was quietly confident without being boastful?

MPD:  Celebrate yourself!