Jingle all the way

After hearing and seeing the hugely successful jingle “Malaysia Truly Asia,” produced by the Malaysian tourist board, on our TV screens at home for what could easily have been the 1,000th time over the past several years, my family and I have decided to go visit this remarkable, country later this year. (My simple definition of marketing: creating the desire to purchase)

What I find really interesting is the fact that the same commercial with that same catchy jingle has been played all over the world — perhaps millions of times — unchanged, and yet still continues to assist in attracting record numbers of tourists.

I have also been captivated recently by a lively new commercial featuring a wonderfully catchy song as its jingle, “Yeh Mera India,” which promotes Animal Planet’s series of programs celebrating India’s 67th year of independence celebrations. Even if you don’t understand the language, the music and the visuals are enchanting and enticing, so once again, it’s a great example of great marketing.

So the simple question for all those marketing men and women out there is, why are jingles not used more often nowadays to promote hotel and hospitality products and services? It seems everyone likes a good tune, and if it’s good enough it may result in a sale, or at the very least in an inquiry.

The same goes for hotel websites. How many times have you been turned off after turning up the volume to listen to boring elevator music accompanying what is essentially a hotel company’s primary sales tool? 

Just imagine the difference a catchy jingle might make to Holiday Inn, Best Western, Hilton, Accor, InterContinental and other leading international brands around the world. If only they could produce memorable jingles that make us sing them with gusto in the shower — or when making a hotel reservation.

Now where’s my keyboard? Avari, oh oh oh oh!