It’s THAT time of year…

“Order – 1 Fillet Mignon Au Poivre, MR. Gluten allergy, celiac, corn, all nuts, potato, coconut, strawberry, bananas, honey. All severe. Egg allergy is tolerated when incorporated in recipe. Also severe pork and turkey allergy.” 

It’s that time of year, as the expression would have it, “when it rains, it pours.” The photo below was posted on Facebook by a friend who works at a resort. The hotel is running at 100% occupancy and every restaurant is jammed. When I saw it, it reminded me of the dedication of hotel and restaurant employees all around the world who give up their own Christmas holidays to take care of others.   

Some of us are lucky enough to take time off over the holidays. To those who are working – we salute you and thank you for everything you do for your guests. Happy Hanukah and Merry Christmas.