It’s crystal clear

Both mind-blowing and brilliant, the sequel to the biggest corporate design fiction “hit” has now tallied 17 million hits via YouTube as views continue at an alarming rate! Glass manufacturer Corning’s latest version of “A Day Made of Glass” is a video of the same family depicted in the original video living in a world where multiple interactive glass surfaces assist them to stay connected via several of the company’s future product visions. 

Although Corning is clear about the reality of the “Gorilla Glass” examples not being developed in the exact way the video portrays them, the company is pioneering a trend I wrote about early in the year about our fascination with “transparency.” 

“A Day Made of Glass” is a must see, especially if you are able to imagine organizing your daily schedule with a tap on your bathroom mirror, chatting via an interactive video at your kitchen counter, doing classwork via a glass tablet, controlling the temperature of the car from the back seat or reading a classic novel on a thin piece of flexible glass. The five-minute original version of the video below does not use imaginative scenarios — Corning is indeed engaged in research that could very well bring them alive.

Before you enjoy the video, I am left with one thought related to the hotel industry: an all-transparent property? With endless themes combined with the human fascination of transparency, I have no doubt there is a developer who may be sharing the same vision and could very well include the idea on its development bucket list. Readers? Are you sharing the same vision?