It’s all about the details

Getting all the basics right consistently in hospitality is clearly an important challenge, and more businesses seem to be trying — some really hard. It is easy to sometimes miss relevant details. We should take care to at least be aware of the details and deal with them appropriately.

For example , we find credit policies, which are needed, often are written in a heavy hand, unreasonable and potentially offensive. One interesting example we came across recently was when we discovered one chain’s harshness in this area we stopped using it despite being very pleased with the services.

These type of issues can impact marketing, PR and competitiveness. There are many potential examples, and our talent needs to be aware and coached to deal with them. We can still have robust policies.

Culture and behavior can also develop, as evidenced when we contacted a team member of the chain referenced above and they were even more aggressive and keen to refer to small print and processes, which seemed to take no account of the customer. No doubt the organization would deem itself a customer-orientated business when it is in effect driven by control and internal systems.

None of this is wrong, but if you want to stay at the top of your game then you will need to deal with the details, which could actually be an important tipping point for consumer decisions and impressions.

Do you know where the details are in your business, and are they addressed?