It’s a tablet type of holiday in America!

Holiday spending habits are fun for the consumer to learn about but downright crucial for your average marketer to understand, regardless of your location!

According to U.S.-based MDG Advertising, shoppers on phones and tablets are spending more than those on desktops! Among these mobile mavens, 42% will use them to search for a special deal while 41% will seek competitive prices on Amazon, followed by 37% who will go online to browse for interesting items.

Online shopping has proved popular for years, but this holiday season the expectation is a whopping 98% of consumers will have done some of their buying online!

By now, most are aware that tablets are the hot trend on 2012 wish lists with half of all consumers wanting one, which in turn triggered a retailer grab-the-sale-first war: 42% of U.S. tablet retailers launched earlier-than-usual Christmas ad campaigns, with a majority starting in October. While the iPad and Kindle have been around for years, this is the first year where a slew of worthy adversaries will be entering the marketplace, thus the reason the competition is heating up.

Also worth mentioning is Facebook saw nearly half of their marketers significantly increase their holiday ad spend while Twitter ad investors substantially raised their spends — by 30%.

MDG Advertising constructed an infographic that tells the story of several holiday marketing trends — email marketing, paid search marketing and online display marketing.

So tell us. Did you use your mobile device or tablet as your virtual mall? If so, was it to browse, compare pricing or read online reviews before making a purchase? And, regardless of where you are based, if there were any great shopping site discoveries during the process, please share your tips!