It all makes scents

Scent is such an important part of memory. For me, the smell of cigars always takes me back to my grandparents’ living room, back home in Belgium.

When it came time to develop our own amenity line here in Lanai, we knew we wanted to create something that captured the essence of our island but also allowed us to bring in something locally sourced to offer a one-of-a-kind in-room product.  

We worked with the team at Lather, who create top-quality products for the body, face, hair and home and are known for using natural ingredients and packaging made from 100% recycled materials. We also knew we wanted to involve Alberta de Jetley, Lanai resident and owner of Alberta’s Farm. Vegetables and herbs for our restaurants are already sourced from her farm, which is also home to kukui trees — Hawaii’s state tree — whose nut produces oil that is used in protecting the skin from environmental elements. Awapuhi, Hawaiian white ginger, was also included for fragrance.

Our amenity line is called ‘aina, which translates to “land” and celebrates its nourishing elements as well as showcases the very authentic and local source of an integral ingredient.

We’ve had great response to the product, not only for its wonderful fragrance and quality, but also the knowledge that it has a very real connection to the place our guests are visiting. And when our island visitors purchase some of the product to take home, they can remember their vacation long after the trip — a reminder that even the little things can have a big impact.