Is this the ice cream of the year?

Last year, the buzz in NYC was all about this coconut ice cream made with ashes of burnt coconut, enabling such a dark and diabolic black color. 

This fascinating black color can also be achieved through different mixes such as liquorice, some seaweed or even extremely dark chocolate.

But my 2017 “winner” without a doubt is this ice cream made in Marseille by Glacier Vanille Noire, whose speciality for the last couple of years is eponymous to the name of the boutique: Black Vanilla.

The first taste on your tongue is naturally a great vanilla, but also, strangely, a more subtle taste seems to come from the Mediterranean Sea a few meters away.

You might have already guessed the cause for that taste and this amazing color and iodic taste? Ink of squid!

Unusual combos like this one are found more and more in our restaurants or coffee shops, for those who want to push the boundaries of discovery or experimentation. But if I love this one, it’s also because it is not only about “demonstration,” but truly for the taste, to a point that this is by far a best-seller for a couple of years now. It’s not just for the bloggers or magazines in search of inspiration.

Indeed, I think the danger we have (stressed by the summer season) and the convenience brought by the Pacojet or its equivalent, is that “funny recipes, colors or flavors” don’t always equal taste, pleasure and best-selling over the months.  

Enjoy summer