Investing in the team

I was recently asked what hotel that I had stayed in during the last three years exceded my expectations with their service. Without hesitation, my response was the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The property blew me away with their level of service during my brief stay with them. The Wequassett takes knowing the guest and their desires and using the information to a new level.

In investigating how they do it, I found there are many reasons, mainly a passionate hotelier, Mark Novota, at the helm. What Mark has done is set up many programs  to collect and reward the staff to find and use the guests information. What really impressed me was the Wequassett Academy. The Wequassett takes their employee training to a different level than I have seen anywhere, which is why I am sure they were recently awarded their Forbes Five Star Award. They have a whole new spin on staff training beyond Orientation and Service training. They have grades and transcripts. They have four tracks for training: School of Customer Intimacy, School of Technical Training, School of Management and the School of Information and Technology. The classes include menu and wine knowledge, management training as well as Heroic Acts which is described in their course guide: A key component of the customer intimate operating philosophy is our customized service approach. This is supported in great part through awing and dazzling our guests by performing heroic acts. This class will teach you what a heroic act is and why it is such an important part of what we do. It will also show you how to develop and execute heroic acts at the desired frequency and quality for the resort.

It is refreshing to see a property take this type of investment seriously. I think we can all learn from this type of passion and investment in our teams and hopefully elevate our teams to the next level of service that our customers are expecting. I know we will be trying to learn and copy as much as we can from this type of program.