Instant gratification, education, participation: F&B trends for 2015

’Tis the season for future trend forecasts, and we journalists tend to be inundated with reports making predictions for the coming year in a number of areas. On the F&B front, just last week HOTELS covered Baum + Whiteman’s 2015 F&B forecast, which included technology of all stripes and oysters, among many other trends.

Another forecast that caught my eye comes from San Francisco-based Andrew Freeman & Co. (AF&Co.), which highlights instant gratification, education and participation as recurrent themes for 2015. “Chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers are providing experiences that are less formal yet high in quality, more interactive and rooted in catering to the pleasure seeker,” AF&Co. observe.

Among the forecast’s other 2015 F&B predictions:

  • Trending foods of tomorrow include radishes, trout roe and banana blossom salad.
  • The new “it” egg is scrambled, even for dinner.
  • Retro, artisanal and newfangled candy is coming on strong.
  • Miniature versions of full-sized cocktail offerings are gaining ground for those who can’t decide what to order or for those who just want to sample a few things.
  • The craft beer movement has paved the way for an influx of artisan ciders on tap, in bottles and even in the can.

These are just a sampling of AF&Co.’s ideas. Click here to read the full forecast.

During this time when so many like to peer into a crystal ball, what predictions (F&B-related or otherwise) would you share for the coming year?