Importance of change

Importance of change

Ask yourself: What motivates your team?

More importantly,what motivates you?


And, can your motivators help motivate your team?

With that being asked, one of my biggest motivators is change.

I entered this industry because of the spontaneity and excitement that every day brings. I love the feeling of walking into something new each day. Also, I love the idea of being able to work and different places around the world. If I had to come into work at the same place, sit in a cubicle, enter data, and go home every day I would lose my mind. I still feel like I’m going to lose my mind from time to time, but it has to do with the insanity that is the hotel business, NOT from boredom or monotony.

With Hyatt, people are eligible to move after a year of service at their respective property. I always thought they did this because it gives people an opportunity for promotion, which it does, but I’ve found it is also an operational necessity.

New faces promote new ideas, which, in turn promotes collaboration and innovation. As exciting and ever-changing as this industry is, it tends to jade people. This is especially true in high volume establishments. When you walk into work every day and you know you’re going to get your butt kicked motivation becomes a challenge.  A change in scenery in needed. While some people like continuity, the many type A personalities in this industry, especially in operations, embrace change.

Change can be as dramatic as relocation or a subtle as rearranging some furniture.

Redecorating, even changing the lighting, can alter the senses in a positive way. This is something that gyms do to keep their guests motivated. At my gym every month or so they will move the machine’s around, change the music, they even change the trainers that work there. It’s the same place, but it feels different. This motivates the employee’s as well one of the manager’s was explaining to me. They like to move their employee’s to different locations often to keep them motivated as well. Each gym has a different atmosphere, a different personality, and different patrons, which keeps things fresh. Sound familiar?

I saw this first hand this past week. As part of the final stages of renovation our new front desk opened last week and it looks AMAZING. I was eager to see how the staff would react to it, being that it was quite a radical change from our last desk, but they definitely embraced it. It was another day of work for them, but so different. It invigorated them, which reflected on our guests.

We are working with a pod concept now as opposed to one stationary desk. They are very open and we are really stressing the importance of guest interaction on the other side of the desk. Greeting guests at the queue and escorting them to your station.  Instead of showing guests the elevator, walk with them to the elevator. It’s these small changes that we hope will make a big impact on guest satisfaction.

Obviously, renovation only comes around once every few years, but like I said change does not have to be huge to be effective. Even after we opened the desk, the addition of the art pieces in the lobby sparked conversation, then the furniture came in which lifted spirits. Everyone came into work with the excitement of, “what’s new today!?”  After all, every day is a new day. Shouldn’t it feel like it?