Implications of tech-dependence

As someone who engages with Millennials daily and soon Gen Z, my colleagues and I often discuss the repercussions of this “Gen Tech” and the next. We think about how learning has changed and subsequently so has our teaching. We debate the best data collection methods in a tech-dependent world.  There are so many ramifications to consider of the constantly digital-connected consumer and learner.

Have you seen the debate rage when multi-generational families get together? What are the limits of device use? Prohibition is certainly the consensus while driving, even though, sadly, we read about the fatalities caused daily by those flaunting this common sense if not state law. How about at the dining table? At the kitchen table? At the restaurant?

When I saw this table tent recently when visiting the James Street Gastropub in Pittsburgh, I thought it was worthy of asking you for your thoughts. Reactions from my group dining included: “Boy, wish it were Wednesday!” “Good for these owners!” “Hey, 20% off?  I think we could make it without our phones.”

Before I reach out to the owners of the James Street Gastropub, I want to know what you think!  Good idea for business? Just a good idea in general? (By the way, we dined for Sunday brunch and it was excellent!)