I’m glad they said it!

We see it all here at HOTELS. In fact, we love to joke in our morning news meetings about many of the trendy new promotions and gizmos that come over our transom. We kind of roll our eyes and say “marginal” or other words I better not mutter here.

Someone has too much time on their hands or must justify their existence because there are, in fact, still a lot of bad ideas being marketed. You’d think in this day of more austere management practices that some of these programs like soap butlers and pet spas would not see the light of day.

So, I was delighted to read Travel + Leisure’s most overhyped hotel trends list, and even more delighted that the magazine nailed it — mostly spot-on, with a few exceptions being “cabanas” and “super-high thread count sheets” expected at ultra-luxury hotels. I even agree with its swipe at eco-friendliness in the bathroom with the towel re-use programs. I am all about CSR and eco-initiatives, but the little cards asking guests to recycle towels and sheets seem a bit shallow.

I got a chuckle scrolling through the T+L list. I hope you do, too, and would love to hear your comments good and bad.