‘If’ is a powerful word

A lot of our thinking recently is being channeled to that age-old maxim — keeping it simple. It is so easy in our modern world to complicate things, even if we like to think it is not done intentionally or has just grown disproportionately and accidentally.

Words such as “if” are extremely simple. It has come to our notice recently, as customers, that the simple word “if” is used very often. In the world of hospitality, we believe its effect is more often than not deadly.

Thinking about it, the use of “if” is entirely conditional and is very often a negotiation tool. We believe its use should be banned and highlighted especially in service training and induction.

In case you are thinking we are overreacting, just stop and consider where you can remember its use. For even greater effect, stop and think next time this little two-letter word is used on you, the client.

Recent examples used on us are:

  • “IF you eat quickly you can have a table.”
  • “IF you hurry we can do it.”
  • “IF you order today we will deliver it on time.”  
  • “IF you pay us in advance we will be there.”

What is this nonsense? Service is not a negotiation — it is a pleasure and an experience to be enjoyed and savored.

“If” is such a powerful negative we recommend it is removed from the service dictionary and replaced by the slightly longer but equally simpler WE CAN DO!