‘I would rather date a trash man’

As a young GM right out of college in my 20s dating was difficult at times, and yes, I had a young lady dump me by telling me she would rather date a trash man.  

How many GMs have had a significant other despise the hospitality business? Endless phone calls in the middle of the night, phone calls on vacations and maybe even during the birth of your firstborn. Back in the early 90s I can remember my pager (yes, pager) would go off endlessly as I would have to search for a pay phone in the local hot spot and call the hotel on the 800-number. I can remember having to cancel many dates so I could go into work and cook for 100 guests, drive the airport shuttle or maybe clean 20 rooms. Who in their right mind would want to date someone in the hotel business? 

Overtime pagers were replaced with cell phones, and now everything is in real time. Delivering a great guest experience hasn’t changed, but what has changed is how we find out about information from our hotel while we are off property. Over the years I have learned many techniques of managing by enforcing and encouraging team members through empowerment. This has eventually allowed me more freedom so my hotels could run smoothly without 2 a.m. phone calls. Empowered, well-trained, confident team members also resulted in happier loyal guests.

It also didn’t hurt that I married my wife of 11 years, who is a hotelier as well!