‘I second that emotion’

?I second that emotion?

I was reading some of your “blogbacks” this week, and I want to tell you how much I love hearing from those of you who write. Your passion and demand to be inspired, energized and innovative puts a smile on my face. Even though I haven’t had the pleasure of connecting with you face to face, you can be sure I wish you the best life has to offer.

Speaking of “connection,” can you recall even one advertisement on any medium that is not about some form of connection? Whether it is an infomercial seducing you with tight abs, an ad on how gum will change your life, airbrushed photos on a dating site or an ad promoting peaceful moments on a yoga retreat, everything is about connection. Why? We are all yearning to connect either to ourselves, a higher source or some kind of professional or personal partnership. And why do we seek the feeling of connection? We want people and things we think will make us feel good. (Although your neighborhood Buddha will save you a lot of money and heartbreak by telling you happiness is an inside job.)

Whenever a positive connection is made, it is a form of love and loyalty in the sense that you want to experience it again. Business wants us to buy based on “emotional connection.” What they really mean when they say “like us” is “love us.” That is what every business is after. Go shopping with me (if you dare). I never buy shoes I like. I have to “love” them. Then you get my money.

Even though I cannot date my shoes, I connect to them because of how I feel when I buy them. (I envision myself wearing them on a private jet to the Seychelles.) But get a person in front of us in most transactions in hospitality or retail, and we have more of a tendency to transact with them than to connect with them. We miss out on incredible opportunities perhaps hundreds of times per day. (That’s a lot of return guests.)

Someone once said that there are really only two emotions — love and fear — and everything else is just a form of one of those. (Jealousy and anxiety are fear-based. Happiness and contentment are love-based.)

When we find ways to connect, we create vibrations that feel like love. Our industry would do well to explore how happiness and love bond people to us. We shouldn’t be frightened to use the word. Love is good. It makes the world (and business) go ’round.

If you feel like giving me 
a lifetime of devotion 
I second that emotion.

– Smokey Robinson & The Miracles