I saw Mommy Googling Santa Claus

Retailers have no choice when it comes to rolling out holiday promotions. Even though 2012 has been known within retail circles as the “Year of Showrooming” (a terrifying specter for many), mobile and e-commerce have become major players, going after their fair share of the projected US$586 billion that is up for grabs. (Yes, it’s a slight increase — 4%, to be exact — over last year!)

Because I personally have several friends who own independent retail stores or boutiques, I felt compelled to share this infographic from Retail Customer Experience, as it shares some great data surrounding the current behavior of shoppers. Regardless of location, each and every one of my retail owner friends note how crucial it is to devote equal amounts of time and money to expand their online shopping platform as well as their behind-the-scenes shipping operation at their place of business. To the point, all are investing more marketing dollars to prospect new online customers versus the investment of ad dollars to generate local foot traffic to their stores.

Happy shopping!